Industrial Display Control: LCD Panel Controller Boards

TFT Controller act as an interface between LCD Display and a PC or computer system. They are adjusting signals of the computer to the connected LCD Panel and are offering various other features.

In-house developed Standard LCD Panel Controller Boards
  TFT Display connection Interfaces:
  USB, Ethernet, RGB, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort (DP),
Custom LCD Panel Control Boards (MOQ 500 - 1k pcs / year)


Display Solution - In-house developments "Made in Germany"

Our in-house developed LCD panel controller product family device Controller Product Family is designed to meet the extended requirements of embedded applications. As all our in-house developments any board of this product family can be adapted according to your individual requirements on demand.

For our in-house developments we offer:                 
Longterm availability
Product stability

Compatibility of successor products regarding form, function and integration
Technical Support
  LCD Panel Controller Boards  
  Comparison Chart  
  LCD Panel Control Comparison Chart


TFT Display LCD Panel Controller Board Comparison Chart pdf for Download





Display Control Board
TFT LCD Controller Boards
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Input Signal Max. Resolution Download Feature Sheet

d.screen Hybrid USB Controller Board for TFT LCD Panels

10/100 Mbit/GigaBit,

2048 x 1152,
1920 x 1200

USB Control for TFT LCD Panels Download


RGB Scaler Board d.scale DVI Panel

RGB Scalerboard d.scale RGB and DVI Panel Control

HD RGB and DVI TFT LCD Panel control


(Quasi-HDMI and DisplayPort optional)
RGB DVI Controller Board for industrial LCD Panels

RGB DVI USB Panel Control

USB 2.0
(DisplayPort optional)
Industrial LCD Panel Controller Board

USB mini small control board for LCD panels

USB 2.0
Small LCD panel control

usb lcd panel controller board d.screen usb 2.0

USB 2.0
2048 x 1152
1920 x 1200
1920 x 1080
usb 2.0 controller board for LCD panels


For Manual-Download/FTP-Server: request login data.  

  Custom Flat Panel Controller Board Solutions - Customized TFT Display Control

Case Study UCB Display Controller Board:

In-Store Digital Signage - Retail Solution:
ShelfVision: Shelf-edge Multi Display Lines for POS / POP

  UCB Display Controller Board   Resolution Spec
ShelfVision Multi Display Lines for POS and Digital Signage via USB connection
  Custom Flat Panel TFT LCD Controller Board   5760x272/960/1140x272  
An application specific custom development, based on USB-graphics technology that can control 12 high resolution small LCD-TFTs with integrated brightness control and power supply.
To drive this solution one only needs one free USB Port and a +12V power supply.
ShelfVision Mini LCDs for POS Retail and POI with control
. Additional information and video learn more   Video ShelfVision more.  



  General Information - Display Solution in-house developed Flat Panel Controller Boards

Extended durability

The application of components with long lifetime cycles results in higher durability. For example electrolytic capacitors are not used on our boards at all. This kind of capacitors are very cheap and popular, but they have a short average life-span of 2000 to 10.000 hours, only.

Wide supply voltage range

An input voltage range from 12V – 24V supersedes the necessity of dual-output power-supply if backlight-inverters with 24V supply-voltage are used.

Reduced power dissipation

Our boards use switching regulators with very high efficiency instead of linear regulators if reasonable in order to reduce needless power dissipation. In addition an intelligent design of the internal power supply (modern board designs needs about five different voltages) helps to reduce internal power loss

Improved EMI behaviour

Special attention is turned on the EMI-behaviour of our boards in order to facilitate customer’s design-in of these boards. To attain this goal additional EMI filters are applied.

Improved operating temperature range

A deliberate selection of peripheral components do not limit the operating temperature range of the core SOC. Therefore the upper limit of the environment temperature of our boards can be increased to more than 70°.

Low overall height

A deliberate compact design with a minimized stack height is particularly suitable for low profile applications.



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