RGB Scaler Board   RGB TFT Display Scaler Converter Board

RGB LCD Panel Scaler Converter Board
Pfeil Supports resolutions up to UXGA/WSXGA+
Power Supply up to 24V
RealColourTM and Intelligent Image ProcessingTM
Extended durability

Enhanced brightness control for inverters with small dimming range
Improved EMI behaviour
Feature rich product at a competitive price

d.scale is designed to act as a full monitor interface providing high-quality images for LCD TFT panels. It converts analog RGB or DVI input signals of a computer into TTL or LVDS output signals for TFT displays. The input signal is automatically scaled by the scaler chip to the resolution of the connected display. With the OSD (On Screen Display) individual settings like brightness of the display, auto-adjust, etc. can be made. The auto-detect/auto-config function automatically detects analog RGB input signals and displays them on the TFT display in the best way possible.

  Technical Data
Input interfaces

RGB analog (CRT)

Output interfaces LVDS (single/dual channel, 18/24bit)
TTL (24bit, 3.3 V)
Resolution min/max RGB analog, LVDS, TTL:
640x480  ~  1280x1024 / 1440x900 (gm5726)
640x480  ~  1600x1200 / 1680x1050 (gm5766)

DVI (single channel):
640x480  ~  1600x1200
Supported Displays 8 or 6-bit Panels (with dithering)
Scaler Chip Genesis gm5726, gm5766
Scaling user defined scaling
Operating temperature 0°C ~ +70°C
OSD (On Screen Display)

6-button OSD
horizontal & vertical placement of the OSD image
OSD Zoom
OSD Flip/Rotation

Auto-detect /
Detection of input format , all VESA modes
Power Supply 12V / 24V
Optional Features

4-button OSD
Onboard Keypad on the bottom side
Adjusted Backlight signals sent by the board
RS232 and Infrared Remote Control

Best application area Industry, Embedded

d.scale lcd display converter board
RGB Converter Board

Product Manual lcd controller
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  In-house Development "Made in Germany"

d.scale is a member of the device TFT Controller product family which is developed by Display Solution. As any member of this product series d.scale is designed to meet the extended requirements of embedded applications.

For our in-house developments we offer:
Longterm availability
Product stability
Compatibility of successor products regarding form, function and integration
Technical Support

On request our in-house developments can be adapted according to your individual requirements.

Please note: d.scale controller boards are only available together with a TFT display because the jumper settings and the BIOS software have to be configurated to the respective TFT display.

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