Shelf Vision Multi LCD Shelf-edge Solution

ShelfVision Video Shelf-edge Display Strips

Run up to 168 TFT Displays on just one PC
Digital Signage E-Shelf for Retail / POS
Patent Pending for Shelf-edge LCD Strips called Shelfvision

Intelligent In-Store Shop Shelf Label Solution



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 Fantastic New Multi LCD Lines for POS / Retail - Interactive Promotion and Advertising


Using digital signs in environments like retail has many features and benefits not offered by static displays and signage. Dynamic digital signage can grab a customer`s attention and influence their purchasing decision right at the point of purchase. Project interactive product information with full-motion video, sound and text.

Digital Shelf-edge Solution as alternative to Electronic Shelf Label Solutions ESL

Also digital signs are instant and offer the ability to easily and quickly change contant immediately for various products or particular customers.

Until now, digital shelf edge promotion has been limited by the technology available, with displays either being too large, too power hungry or lacking in intelligence. Display Solution designed an unprecedented digital TFT LCD product based on future technologies and longtime experience in all Display markets.

Product Inquiry POS Shelf LCD Panels   ShelfVision Video Shelf Strips for POS and POI

Mini 4.3 LCD Panel Lines for Shelves in Retail Shops or Malls



Digital Signage Retail LCD Solution for POS - Components and Setup

Shelfvision Graphics for Modular Multi LCD Display Lines for Shelfs and digital content in merchandising


Display modules with resolutions from 960x272 up to 5760x272


The one-of-a-kind multi-cell LCD-TFT module (MCM) consist of 2/3 x 4.3” TFT LCDs aligned abreast with each other. Each MCM combines the total resolution of 960/1440x272 pixels. Up to four MCMs with a total resolution of 5760x272 can be connected in daisy-chain to one MCM-Array. Based on DisplayLink’s USB graphics technology up to 6 MCM-Arrays can be connected to one PC using a simple USB-connection and allows smooth video playback and provides a low latency connection.

Components 4.3" MCM Modules and UCB Controller Board

LCD Panel Modules 4.3 inch
Pfeil easy daisy chain connection
Pfeil various combinations possible
full integrated solution with LED backlight +

Product Information for MCM 4.3 inch Modules and Control


Shelf Vision

Standard E-Shelf with/or without CE certification and IP54
for Point-of-Sale und Point-of-Information

Retail Shelf Rail with Video Display Strip

Pfeil Standard E-Shelf LCD Shelf Vision 1m, 1,25, 1,30m
Pfeil USB Plug and Play Solution
Pfeil CE Certification
Video Display Strip for Shelves in Retail and for POS




Comparison Graphics operating of e-Shelf Display Array


  Specification LCD Modules and Controller Board Video Shelf Strip Patent Pending ShelfVision


Product Description Size Resolution Part No.
Mini LCD Open Frame Modules MCM for Shelfvision two 4.3 LCD Panels in one Modul

2 in 1 widescreen TFT

960 x 272
three mini 4.3 inch LCD panels in one Modul mcm for ShelfVision

3 in 1 widescreen TFT


1440 x 272
(daisy chain capable)
UCB custom lcd panel controller board for Shelfvision E-Shelf Solution

UCB controller board
E-Shelf, DVI, Power-SW, DVI-SW-

USB cable - Powersupply
UCB E-Shelf
Data Connection USB 2.0
Supported Operating systems Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Win-7
Apple OS X-Tiger 10.4.11Leopard 10.5.6
Input Voltage Single +12V
Operating Temperature 0°C to 70°C
Relative Humidity 5%-85%, non condensing


Article Digital Signage Connection Intel Blueprint Case Study Digital Shelving Solution for Retailers and Manufacturers

Source: Intel Case Study - Blueprint Digital Signage Connection
  Digital   Intelligent Digital Shelving Solution Aids Retailers and
  Signage   Manufacturers
  2014 May  

Micro-digital signage in retail environments places advertising


and product information on small digital screens mounted on store

      shelves. ... more
Retailwire article about intelligent Shelf Label Solution for brand awareness in future store   Source:   A Solution Blueprint   Intelligent Shelf Label Solution Creates Brand Awareness
  2013 Jan  
    As part of its Future Store Initiative, METRO GROUP partnered
      with Danone and Arla to test an intelligent shelf solution that
      Kprovides eye-catching digital graphic displays right next to
    products, ... more
Digital Signage Today Article link for Nivea promotes products via digital shelf Source: Digital Signage Retail
DigitalSignage Nivea promotes products via digital shelf
2012 July Nivea in Germany is replacing some of its standard in-store pro-
  duct shelves with the digital multidisplay shelf-edge display
  solution. The brand hopes the long, thin display shelves that
feature still images, videos or animated movement ... more
Azooptics article DisplayLink promotes Digital Signage E-Shelf   Source:   Digital Signage E-Shelf
   DisplayLink Promotes Digital Signage E-Shelf
  2012 Jan    
      DisplayLink`s European Design Center Display Solution AG has
  Andy Choi  

developed innovative LCD display shelf solutions.


ScreenMedia daily article Link to Display Solution introduce usb-controlled LCD Modules for Retail Shelving   Source:   New Mini LCD Display Introduced for Retail Shelving
  ScreenMedia   Display Solution Introduce USB-Controlled LCD Modules
  2011 May   Display Solution AG together with its partner, a digital signage
      point-of-sale provider has introduced the world`s first Mini USB/
      Multi-Cell LCD TFT module that enables information to be displayed
      on retail shelves. more

  Typical Applications

Display Solution AG, experts in the areas of LCD TFT special solutions, together with Impuls TV, an operating company for Digital Signage projects at POS/POI has introduced the world`s first Mini USB/Multi Cell LCD TFT module that allows informative, entertaining and accurate product information to be displayed on retail shelves.

Digital Retail-Shelf Video Strip Solution MCM Shelfvision for Supermarkets   Pfeil Retail-shelf:
  Advertisements (Video) and Price Tags
Pfeil Gaming Machines:
  Score and instruction information
Pfeil POI and POS:
  Videos and information in height sensitive
Pfeil Logistics:
  Shelf-information centrally controlled
  Suitable uses and markets:
  Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Service Stations, Banks, Harware Stores, Clothing Shops, Electronic Stores, Duty Free, Phone Outlets, Vending Machines, Liquor Stores, Elevator, Gaming Machines etc.


Intelligent Shelf Label Solution


Shelf Vision - How it works

POPAI TV Euroshop Special Innovative Shelf Label



DisplayLink Technology - DL-165 Asic
Supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
Supports Apple OS X-Tiger 10.4.11, Leopard 10.5.6
Optional Linux support
Microsoft WHQL signed drivers
Supports screen rotations and mirror mode or extended desktop
Lossless compression protocol

  In-house development "Made in Germany"

The UCB board is a member of the device TFT Controller product family which is developed by Display Solution. As any member of this product series UCB board is designed to meet the extended requirements of embedded applications.

For our in-house developments we offer:

Longterm availability
Product stability
Compatibility of successor products regarding form, function and integration
Technical Support

On request our in-house developments can be adapted according to your individual requirements.

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