SHELFVISION Shelf-Edge Displays

Shelf Vision shelf-edge video display strips with Micro digital signage MDS screens equipped
  shelfvision in-store mini displays retail


SHELFVISION In-Store shelf-edge displays are in-house developed and designed by Display Solution AG.
High quality made in Germany and built as an intelligent solution, not only a video display shelf strip.
The brand-new 2nd generation SHELFVISION products are slim and comes with stylish silver design, cost-
efficient with multiple amazing features and various interface options for the digital Retail world.
For Marketers, Advertisers and Retailers   Shelf Displays Merchandising and Advertising displays benefits
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SHELFVISION 2nd generation Product Family



Cost-efficient 1m Display Strip

SHELFVISION-Eco is the first member of HDMI-/DVI-Input. Works with any HDMI/DVI source which
the SHELVISION 2nd generation product-   supports EDID/DDC
family. New slim and pure design, with Optional USB-interface with full video-support enables
silver anodized surface and a completely   up to 6 Shelf-ECO modules to be connected to one single PC
  Supports any static and moved content like
The new products have resulted in very   - Slideshows on single cells as well as on any desired number
    - Videos on single cells as well as on any desired number
close and successful collaboration with   - any size of ticker etc. - the possibilities are virtually endless
some of Worlds leading brand Digital Ultra slim body dimensions
Signage Companies over years. Solid and attractive design due to an anodized aluminium
  Optional powder coating with your individual color
    color housing shelf edge displays
  Developed and produced 100% in Germany
  IP54 prepared

Electrical Characteristics

shelfvision smart shelf displays


Pfeil HDMI Hot-Plug detection and EDID/DDC Support
Pfeil Real 60-fps support
Pfeil Single 12V-Supply
Pfeil Optional 24V power supply on application
High Brightness Displays (~300cd/m² optional up to 600cd/m²)
Power consumption less than 8W per meter
Standby power dissipation less than 0.9W
Backlight half-life typical 30.000h
12 o`clock viewing angle (6 o`clock optional)
CE and FCC certified
Operating Temperature: 0° C to 50° C
Relative Humidity: 5% - 85%, non condensing
shelf edge video display strip shelfvision eco 1m with 9 lcds

SHELFVISION-Eco - Outline Dimensions

shelf edge video display outline dimensions


SHELFVISION - What`s new in 2nd generation? - at a glance

Shelf Vision 2nd generation MDS micro digital signage screens for Poin-of-Sale and enhanced customer experience





Multi-Interface Board (in-house-developed) for

SHELFVISION Digital Signage Applications

multiiFace interface display control HDMI-/DVI-output 1440x1088 and 1440x816 enables direct
  connection to Shelf-ECO & Shelf (supports up to Full-HD)
Multi format HW video decoding/encoding
Wired Network: 10/100/1000 Mbps*)
microSD for OS and Data
  Bis zu 2GB RAM
Single to quad-core CPU bis zu 1.2GHz
  32/64bit, 512MB to 2GB DDR3 @1066Mbps
SHELFVISION-MultiiFace is a member of 3D GPU support (OpenGL|ES 1.1/2.0,OpenCL 1.1E)
the SHELVISION 2nd generation Product- USB-OTG
family. MultiiFace offers various OS-support
Interface Options for SHELFVISION Dis-   Android 4.4 (KitKat), optimiert für Hardware Beschleunigung
plays. It upgradeds Digital Signage App-   und html5 Applikationen
lications not only with wired and wireless   Linux - Yocto (optional)
network connectivity, but also enables Single +5V power-supply
a Stand-alone operating. Meets the extended requirements of embedded
Optional board can upgrade the Shelf-   applications, extended durability
VISION applications with features like    
USB host connectivity, touch, camera etc. *) Note that due to internal SOC buses the 1000Mbps interface speed is limited to 470Mbp


Optionale Features and Add-Ons for MultiiFace

multiiface interface controller

Pfeil Wireless Network (802.1b/g/n)
Pfeil Bluetooth
Pfeil Second microSD for data storage
USB host
RTC – Real Time Clock
Single +12V power-supply
Available 2015 Q1/Q2
  - PCAP touch (MCM3 size)
  - Audio
  - Mini-PCIe for 3G/4G modem connection
  - MIPI CSI camera interface
  - eMMC support
Extended temperature range
Operating Temperature: 0° C to 50° C
Relative Humidity: 5% - 85%, non condensing
Set up interface usb hdmi dvi wire and wireless shelf displays




 Setup SHELFVISION 2nd generation and SHELFVISION-Eco


ultra low power consumption shelf displays

Please Download all Set Up Options as pdf file   how to run shelf displays






  Design Sales Counter   ShelfVision video display strips   Red Bull Fridge with digital signage displays  


  Salescounter   Supermarket-Shelf - 1m   SHELFVISION 60cm  
  Customer: Gundlach/Kesseböhmer   REAL Future Store/METRO   RED BULL, Kühlschrank  




 Content and Software for SHELFVISION
  Static and dynamic content could be shown on one single or more displays
  SHELFVISION can be used horizontally or vertically
  Content can be updated in real time and with any digital signage software content management system
  Shelf Displays are an intelligent alternative to Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)
  Static Content   Dynamic Content
  Price Tags   High Resolution Videos
  Pictures   TV Spots
  Product Information   Animations
  Additional Informationen   Running Text
  QR Code   Event Promotion
  Sales-Deals etc.    
  How bringing Content to SHELFVISION?
  Stand-alone Versions   USB Stick or SD Card (optional)
  MultiiFace of Display Solution AG   Wired or Wireless - Simply via a Browser
  Digital Signage Software with CMS   We are partnering with most of the Digital Signage Software
      Companies. Complete SHELFVISION Starter-Kits available
      Please contact us for more information.
  HTML5 Templates   For a quick start there are html5 Templates available.
      Animations, Running text, Video etc. with instruction
      Pure html5 Code to edit with Dreamweaver or note++





Intelligent digital shelving solution for retailers

Source: Intel Case Study - Blueprint Digital Signage Connection
  Digital   Intelligent Digital Shelving Solution Aids Retailers and
  Signage   Manufacturers
  May 2014  

Micro-digital signage in retail environments places advertising


and product information on small digital screens mounted on store

      shelves. ... learn more
Future In-Store Displayschienen   Source:   Digital Signage Display-Regalleisten sorgen mit ihren digitalen In-
    halten und Videos direkt am POS für Aufmerksamkeit
  Mai 2013   Future In-Store Displayschienen
      Hersteller der Shelf Vision Mini Multi Display Lines, die aktuell
      auf Messen im In- und Ausland für Aufmerksamkeit sorgen, ist
    die Display Solution AG. ... learn more
Intelligent shelf label solution for brand awareness Source: A Solution Blueprint Intelligent Shelf Label Solution Creates Brand Awareness
Jan 2013
As part of its Future Store Initiative, METRO GROUP partnered
  with Danone and Arla to test an intelligent shelf solution that
  provides eye-catching digital graphic displays right next to
products, ... learn more
Invidis Artikel Digitales Point-of-Sale Konzept für Nivea Quelle: Digital Signage am Regal Digitales Point-of-Sale-Konzept für Nivea
July 2012
Nivea setzt bei Shop-in-Shop Systemen auf digitale Regal-
Florian displays für Produktinfos, Pflegetipps und Kampagnen. Digitale
Rotberg Kommunikation findet so erstmals für Nivea an klassischen
Verkaufsstellen statt. learn more
Videoleisten am Warenregal statt Preisschild   Quelle:   Digital Signage
  Elektronik   Videoleisten am Warenregal zeigen Preis und Bewegt-
  Praxis   informationen
  Jan 2012    
      Neben Preisen auch eine kurze Videosequenz: Mit der Lösung
  Hendrik   von DisplayLink Technologie können bis zu 168 LC-Displays
Härter aus 2er und 3er Modulen ohne Grafikkarte an einem PC
        betrieben werden. learn more
Invidis Artikel Meterweise Mini-Displayleisten für Verkaufsregale   Quelle:   Digital Signage Retail   Meterweise Minidisplayleisten für Verkaufsregale
  Mai 2011    
    Die bereits auf der Euroshop präsentierte Multidisplay Lösung
  Florian   für Retail Regale wird nun in ersten Pilotprojekten ausgerollt.
  Rotberg   Unter anderem werden die aneinander gereihten Mini LC-
      Displays als digitale Regalbodenfrontseiten im Retailbereich
    für das Shelf der Zukunft genutzt ... mehr


Shelf Vision - How it works - Video


POPAI TV Euroshop Special Innovative Shelf Label


 Markets and applications


SHELFVISION is mainly used in Digital Signage In-Store Retail projects like Supermarket display
shelves or embedded in sales counters etc.
    Pfeil Supermarket or Shop Shelf: Video, Text, Picture and Barcode
Pfeil store construktion and furniture: Embedded Displays
Pfeil Gaming: Score and Instructioninformation
Pfeil POI: Videos and Information
Pfeil Filling Station: Tabacco or Magazines
Pfeil Logistics: Centrally controlled information
  Supermarkets, Retail, Pharmacies, Drugstore, Filling Station, Bank, Elektronics, Duty Free Shops, Elevators, Gaming, etc.





DisplayLink Technologie - DL-165 Asic
Supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7
Supports Apple OS X-Tiger 10.4.11, Leopard 10.5.6 (USB Varianten)
Optional Linux support (USB )
Microsoft WHQL-certified Driver
Supports Picrotation, Mirror Mode and extended Desktop
Lossless compression protocol


  In-house development "Made in Germany"

The MultiiFace board is developed by Display Solution. As any member of our controller product series MultiiFace board is designed to meet the extended requirements of embedded applications.

For our in-house developments we offer:

Longterm availability
Product stability
Compatibility of successor products regarding form, function and integration
Technical Support

On request our in-house developments can be adapted according to your individual requirements.



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