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Pfeil Enables multimonitor applications across USB with one PC
Connect up to 6 additional Monitors via USB without Graphics
  Card - Virtual Graphics Card (VGC) Software
DL-3xxx: USB3.0 Super Speed
DL-4xxx: Low power ultra-slim bus-powered "green" monitors
DL-5500: 4k Ultra-high definition UHD Display SoC -
  DP DisplayPort
Excellent high quality performance
High integration for easy and fast implementation into
  customer's applications
WHQL certified software – no proprietary drivers
Win7, Win8, Win8.1

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  Elite Silicon

Pfeil SoC solutions for USB-over-Ethernet
Enables to upgrade your USB application by adding an Ethernet Interface or to connect almost any USB device to your network
Supports Interrupt, Control, Bulk and Isochronous USB transfers
WHQL certified software – no proprietary drivers
  Elite Silicon



Pfeil High Speed USB Hubs 4-Port and 7-Port
Excellent performance on CE/FCC both in EMI and ESD
All hub controllers are Windows Vista and Windows-7 certified
Effective transmission can reach over 10 meters while others normally reach only around 5 meters.
All ICs with 5V to 3.3V & 3.3V to 1.8V Regulator embedded

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